Stamped Visa

If you are a permanent resident of the United States but have a passport from another country (see Types of visas & countries to which they apply) you may require a stamped visa to travel to Panama. Without a permanent residence card, the requirements will be the same as the authorized visa. The stamped Visa takes approximately 2 to 3 working days to be processed by the Consular Office.


  • Fill out Application Form in print or typewritten.
  • Original passport, valid for at least 3 months.
  • 3 Photographs (size: 2x2, with white background)
  • Copy of resident card, personal identification document from country of origin or US Permanent Resident card or US Visa, if applicable.
  • Flight reservation with itinerary of trip continuation or electronic ticket.
  • Hotel reservation (if applicable)
  • Proof of economic solvency during stay, depending on trip duration and no less than USD$500.00 per month. This can be verified with any and all of the following:

- Certified bank checks with applicant's name.
- Travelers check with applicant's name.
- Applicant bank statements from previous three months.
- Applicant credit card with statements from previous three months.
- Tax returns from previous fiscal year.
- Any other reasonable proof of income accepted by the National Service for Migration.

  • Work requirements:

- If applicant works for a public or private entity: work letter with receipt of last paycheck.
If applicant is retired or receiving pension: document that indicates pension along with receipt.
If applicant is a student (at least 18 years old): certification from academic entity indicating field of study and academic period. 
If applicant is economically dependent: declaration or notarized document from family member in which the person states that he or she is responsible for the applicant's expenses during the trip.

  • Declaration or notarized document from person that is inviting (if applicable). Can be made by any of the Following:

a) Permanent or temporary Panamanian residents declaring from Panama. In this case this person needs to include the following:

i) Valid copy of cedula.
ii) If person is a foreigner, copy of general information from passport and temporary or permanent resident card or cedula.
iii)Copy of receipt from previous utilities bill that includes resident's address.

b) If person responsible is a public or private entity:

i) Letter of responsibility front entity's legal representative (If a University from Dean or equivalent)
ii) If person responsible is a private entity, it must include:

- Certificate from Public Registry.
- Copy of operation key from Colon Free Zone (if applicable).
- Certification of existence of University, education center, or City of Knowledge (if applicable).
- Copy of receipt from previous utilities bill that includes entity's address. 

c) In case of point (ii) whoever is inviting and assuming responsibility must prove economic solvency with one of the following documents:

- Bank certification valid for at least three (3) months.
- Work letter and Social Security Number. 
- If covering applicant's expenses, must present a declaration or notarized document in which they assume the responsibility. 

  • If the application is for a person under 18 years of age, it must be submitted by one of the parents or whoever has custody and this person must include the following:

- Birth certificate authenticated by Panamanian Consul and by the Foreign Relations Ministry if applied from Panama and for visas approved directly by the National Service for Migration.
- Authorization by one of the parents for leaving the country if the minor is not traveling with both parents or person that has custody, detailing length of stay, person responsible in Panama and their address, phone number and source for covering minor's expenses.

  • Certified check or money order for US$135.00 made out to The Consulate of Panama.
  • Self-addressed prepaid envelope for return of documents.


Note: The Consul General has the right to ask for additional information or documents and request a personal interview with the applicant.

24hrs. Emergency CECODI:  (507)504-8835
Phone: +1 (504) 525-3458 / 525-3459