Visa Exempt

Visas and tourist cards are both good for 90 days. To extend your stay, you’ll have to go to an office of Migración y Naturalización in Panama City, David or Chitré. You must bring your passport and photocopies of the page with your personal information and of the stamp of your most recent entry to Panama.


You must also bring two passport-size photos, an onward air or bus ticket and a letter to the director stating your reasons for wishing to extend your visit. You will have to fill out a prórroga de turista (tourist extension) and pay US$10. You will then be issued a plastic photo ID card. Go early in the day as the whole process takes about two hours.


If you have extended your time, you will also need to obtain a permiso de salida (permit) to leave the country. For this, bring your passport and a paz y salvo (a certificate stating you don’t owe any back taxes) to the immigration office. Paz y salvos are issued at Ministerios de Economia y Finanzas, found in towns with immigration offices, which simply require that you bring in your passport, fill out a form and pay US$1.


Note: The foreigners who enter the country as a tourist who has been granted a visa for a period of less than ninety (90) days prior opinion of the Director General of the National Immigration Service, before the expiry of the same, may request legal person or by proxy its extension up to a maximum stay period of ninety (90) days.

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