on 14 May

Safe conducts are only provided to Panamanian Citizens, whom do not have a valid passport or traveling document.


The safe conduct costs B/.88.00 and must be paid as follows:

  1. Cashier's Check made out to: Fondo Especial de Pasaporte for B/.20.00.
  2. Money order/personal check/cash made out to: Consulado de Panama for B/.68.00

You must send or bring 2 recent passport size photographs and copy of birth certificate, Panamanian ID or passport.

You must provide a self addressed prepaid envelope for return of documents.


NOTE: The safe conduct for Panamanian citizens in the process of deportation has the same proceedings and the cost is B/.48.00 payable with a Money Order to the Consulate of Panama.  It is also requested to the proper US Immigration Authorities, to provide proper and complete documentation for deportation.


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